BETC London


Live the London Look


Re-connecting through a shared attitude.


Refreshing an icon.

Rimmel has been synonymous with ‘Get The London Look’ for the best part of two decades. Culture has evolved, trends have come and gone. Today, there is no one London Look. To take the brand to the next level we needed to reconnect with the beauty obsessed around the world.


Connecting with beauty experts who are still finding themselves.

For young people around the world beauty is about experimentation. They are beauty experts who know where to go to for inspiration and information. But, they are not yet experts in themselves. They are experimenting with every aspect of their lives, from how they look to where they work and how they live.

To get back on their radar we needed to engage through shared values, start conversations and stop dictating looks.


From a look to a shared attitude.

There’s not one single look, it is whatever you want it to be. The London Look is an attitude, a way of live, a vibe. An attitude that celebrates individuality, self expression and boldness. 

We created the LL, a symbol for those who share that attitude. Then, to invite our girls into the campaign we launched a manifesto featuring influencers who our girls care about and share our attitude. Our influencers and ambassadors launched the campaign through their owned channels, getting our attitude straight into the beauty channels they care about.